What to Expect

Learn why we are Brisbane’s preferred massage and health specialists.

At Health Place, we value researched and informed decisions regarding your health. That’s why we’ve compiled this section of our website. We want you to be thoroughly prepared for your treatment, which means understanding exactly how our clinic operates and how your body will respond in the days following.

Arriving at Health Place

Parking – James Street

Onsite, free parking is available. However, during peak times like lunch time, it can be limited. In this case, the best alternative would be street parking.

Access to parking is available via James and McLachlan Street – we recommend entering from McLachlan Street.

Please be advised that there is also additional parking upstairs directly above our clinic – this can be accessed via a ramp at the back end of the car park (if you’ve entered from James St) or directly to the left (if you’ve entered from McLachlan Street).

parking - james street

If this is your first visit, we recommend you to arrive a few minutes early. We have two forms for you to fill out; with this completed before your appointment time, you will get the full allocated time with your practitioner. On these forms you will be able to circle your preferred music, level of pressure for massage and level of conversation for your treatment (because sometimes you might just need an hour of peace and quiet). If you are unsure of which pressure level to select, you can discuss this with your therapist upon entering the treatment room.

(If you wish to download the form beforehand, click here)

When your practitioner is ready for you, they will come to the waiting area, introduce themselves and show you to the treatment room.

Your consultation

On your first visit, your practitioner will review your forms and have a quick chat with you about any specific health goals, pain, injuries, etc. you might have. They will discuss treatment types (remedial massage, trigger point therapy, cupping, needles, etc.) with you – together you will decide on the type of treatment.

They will usually then ask you to remove the top layer of clothes (keeping underwear and bra on) and lie on the table face down, covering from your hips down with a towel. They will explain this to you and then leave the room for you to get ready in privacy.

We are very big on hygiene, so all towels (including bed and face-towels) are always fresh.

Health Place ensures you never leave feeling unsure or lost about the plan for your treatment by including 5-10 minutes in each treatment as testing time. Our highly qualified therapists will ask questions regarding your pain, perform special and orthopedic testing plus give you advice for self-care, rehabilitation, referrals, and further treatment.

Entering our treatment rooms

Your practitioner will always give you enough time to get ready and will knock on the door before entering to ensure you are ready. They will then begin the treatment as discussed with you.

Your practitioner will sometimes ask you if the pressure is too firm or too soft. Please don’t hesitate to let them know at any time.

Once your treatment is complete

When your practitioner has completed your treatment, they will ask you to get dressed (feel free to use the mirror on the back of the door to check hair and face etc.) and exit to allow you to do this in privacy.

Once you are dressed and have opened your door slightly, they will re-enter and discuss any exercises or stretches they think will assist you to achieve your goals faster. If another appointment is necessary, they will discuss this with you at this point as well.

Our Reception

Your practitioner will then show you to the reception area where you can pay for your treatment and re-schedule if necessary. Remember to bring along your private health insurance card for on-the-spot health fund rebates.

For the rest of the day

Massage, cupping and some other therapies bring the toxins out of your body, making you feel a bit similar to how you would feel after exercising. Because of this, it is important you drink plenty of water following your treatment to flush away the toxins, and also to ensure you stay well hydrated and feeling your best post-treatment!

The next day

If this was your first treatment with us, we will send you a ‘Thank You’ email.
Soreness may be felt in the areas treated, especially if this was your first massage or if it’s been a while between treatments. This soreness is a “superficial” soreness and should go away within 48 hours, after which you will feel the best results. If you are susceptible to bruising, this may also occur in some areas. Some people may also feel tired and lethargic. This is why it is important to properly hydrate after your treatment, as this will help minimize these symptoms.

Why do people feel this way after a massage treatment?

Micro tears occur in muscle fibres when they have been damaged or placed under significant stress. While these fibres are aligned nicely in a healthy muscle, when a muscle is healing it lays down new fibres in a mesh-like pattern. This process for healing can cause scar tissue to build up on the muscle, decreasing the range of motion. Massage realigns these fibres, allowing the muscle to perform its functions of contracting and relaxing properly. However, realigning these fibres requires some pressure (i.e. massage), and this can create slight inflammation or bruising. After the treatment, it is the inflammatory response that causes soreness – so take it as a good sign!

But don’t worry! While it doesn’t sound great when explained in detail, for the most part you will be feeling great after your massage treatment and even more fantastic in the coming days!

To further ensure you are feeling fantastic fast, we recommend you complete any stretches or exercises your practitioner has recommended for you. Also, try to avoid excess coffee, tea, alcohol and other toxins for 24 hours after your treatment.