Dietitian Services

Specialising in sports, performance and general nutrition. Our Dietition will develop a plan that works for you!

Whether you are an athlete or not, optimal health depends on you putting the best fuel into your body. Our Health Place Dietitian Tara Davenport is highly qualified and experienced, and will work with you to optimise your eating plan.

Tara is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian. Tara’s experience stems from working with a range of active people and athletes on their performance nutrition. Tara is passionate about how nutrition science can positively impact a persons performance whether that be in life, for a race or on the sports field. Her approach during consultations is empathetic to the challenges that life brings and designs a multifaceted approach for her clients to reach their nutrition goals. Expect to chat about your training loads, goals and desires, barriers blocking change, the gut-mind axis, and the science behind individualised nutrition.


Tara specialises in endurance sports for everyday active individual’s to elite achieving extraordinary outcomes. She also provides nutrition support to army officers servicing the Australian Defence Force as well as working with adolescents of Hockey QLD and Rowing QLD. Tara’s personal struggles with gut intolerances, and her passion about supporting a healthy gut-mind connection for her client’s, has brought her a workload that also encompasses working with Irritable Bowl Syndrome/ Food intolerance’s and disordered eating.

And experienced…

Tara has competed as a competitive gymnast, and currently focuses on long distant running and triathlons so she personally understands the determination, effort and the accuracy required for nutrition science to translate into enhanced performance.

Individual nutrition consultations for:

  • Training/exercise eating plans, with the goal of:
    • Reducing body fat
    • Gaining muscle mass
    • Optimising energy levels
    • Optimising nutrient intake
  • Race-day nutrition plans & pre-competition eating
  • Advice relating to cramping/fluid/hydration concerns
  • Advice relating to gastro-intestinal concerns – both in & out of sport/training
  • Supplement use & advice
  • Weight management, disordered eating assistance
  • Body composition testing (skinfold measures, bio-electrical impedance analysis)
Price List
Initial Sports Nutrition Consultation (60 Minutes)$180
Initial General Nutrition Consultation (60 Minutes)$130
Sports Nutrition Review including skinfold measure (45 Minutes)$110
Sports Nutrition Review without skinfold (30 Minutes)$90
General Nutrition Review (30 Minutes)$85


Dietitian services qualify for Health Fund rebates and on the spot rebates are available through our Hicaps machine.Other types of sessions are available. Call Health Place on 07 3852 2434 for more information.