Quick Headache Relief

What you can do to help yourself? “I just need relief from this headache”

Firstly, lets skip over those quick suggestions we’re sick of hearing… I’m talking about the “have you drank enough water”, “have you eaten today”, “did you get enough sleep” … we know this by now right?

We’ve all had them at some point, and we know that they are the worst! So, what can we do to relieve them when they do occur?

It is important to understand that there are many different types of headaches that are caused by many different factors which means that when it comes to treating headaches, the same one thing won’t work every time. Nonetheless, there are always tips and tricks you can utilise to assist you to relieve your own headache.

So here are a few quick tips to help you relieve your headaches:


A ‘SNAG’ is a passive vertebral movement, it is a technique we love to use as Myotherapists but it is also a great one you can use at home. Using a towel or belt hold tension on your neck like the image below and slowly rotate to the same side of tension.


Treating yourself can be tricky. Try using a trigger point ball to release the muscles around your neck and shoulders. You can also massage your upper trapezius muscle by pinching or grabbing the muscle and holding it when you feel a spot that recreates your headache.


Heat creams/heat packs

Most heat creams contain a component called capsaicin, or something similar, which stimulate the neural innervation of the muscle to relax the muscle, hence decreasing pain. We recommend rock sauce.

Finally, caffeine… not really a simple one this but basically a little caffeine every day won’t hurt, in fact some studies have shown it to be effective in even relieving migraines. What can cause headaches is a sudden change or stop in caffeine intake or way too much! So, if you usually have one cup of coffee in the morning, it is actually a good idea to be consistent with this, having 6 shots a day on the other hand maybe not the best idea.

Just remember, headaches are not normal even if they are common, and there is always something your Myotherapist or Remedial Massage Therapist can do to help.