Just Warming Up

Do we need to warm up and is it beneficial? Short answer, yes! It is super important. 

We see all of you that roll out of bed into our shoes and straight to the gym or running. However, often poor warming up leads to more time out of training and a trip to your physical therapist. 


There are two primary reasons why warming up before exercise is important.

1. To prevent injuries

2. To optimise your performance 


Warming up increases your heart rate therefore increasing blood flow, nutrient availability, and energy supply to the muscles you are about to use so that they can perform optimally. It also increases your body temperature and enhances freer movement.

What does this mean? 

This means that warming up prepares your muscles and joints for the physical stress that occurs during exercise which decreases muscle fatigue, reduces risk of injury, and enhances performance.

So essentially, warming up before exercising is really important if you want to avoid injuries and/or perform at your best.