Managing Mindset in 2022 

Omicron is not a new transformer taking over the city, it is simply the new variant of COVID in society that we are learning to life with.

As you enter a new year there are many things which may cross your mind like;

  • What’s 2022 look like for me ?
  • I haven’t made any resolutions ?
  • Am I happy with my life now ?
  • How can I get healthier (mentally & physically) ?

We are here to tell you …. IT’S GOING TO BE OK ! It’s time to flip your mindset for the New Year.

Regardless of if you have a journal outlining each day for 2022 or your actually still in 2019, focusing your mindset will help you as you enter the new year. We aren’t saying it’s time to sprinkle glitter and begin toxic positivity but here are some tips to help you start the year.


    1. Focus on the good things through 2021 and what is to come in 2022. Challenges are apart of life but we choose how long we want to carry them with us.
    2. Surround yourself with likeminded and supported people.
    3. Identify your areas of negativity so your able to begin changing your thought processes.
    4. Get sleep !

Remember we also don’t need to rush back into our lives at full speed. You can choose how your time is used and the space that you allow yourself for YOU !

Health Place can’t wait too see you back in 2022 and help you continue working towards your best self.


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