Massage Myths

We’re here to bust myths. Whether you saw them in a post on social media or heard them from a friend, there is a few myths around massage we hear a lot. We got Vanessa to put her years of knowledge to put these myths to the test.

Massage has to hurt to be effective

This is simply not true. Deep tissue and trigger point techniques may cause some discomfort, however, they shouldn’t cause unbearable pain. If you’re in acute pain, getting a “hard” pressure massage can be counter-productive. 

You should drink plenty of water after a massage to flush out the “toxins”

Having a drink of water after a massage is a good idea (sure, why not). However, it will not flush out any “toxins”. What toxins are we supposedly flushing out….lead? 

Massage is sooo relaxing

Massage can be relaxing but it may cause some discomfort especially if we’re working through some trigger points. We may also need you to be an active participant, whether that’s deep breathing to release muscular tension or going through range of motion of a joint to reduce stiffness. We’re here to help you get results not to put you to sleep. 

It’s rude to ask for a different pressure

We want you to feel in control of your treatment. If the pressure feels too soft or too hard, please let us know. I promise we won’t be offended. 

It’s rude not to make conversation

A therapist should gauge if you’re in the mood for a chat or you simply want to drift off. We may check in with you about pressure, draping, massage techniques etc however, feel free to give a monosyllabic response if we start chit chatting. We’ll get the hint. 

I only need a massage when I’m in pain

Please listen to your therapist if they recommend ongoing treatments. Whether it’s to address pain, stiffness, postural concerns or for injury prevention, we try to have your best interests at heart. If you’re feeling great, we can look at spacing out appointments. 


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