You’ve got the questions, and we’ve got the answers!

Whats a knot? How can I make my posture better? How can I keep treatment going when I’m not at HP?

We get asked a lot of questions here at Health Place (most often is how soon can I get back in 😊 )  so we’ve put together a few to help our clients out. Have you got a question you need answered? Send us a DM, or an email and we’ll put it in our next FAQ blog!

 Q: What is a muscle knot ?

A: Like an actual knot in a rope, a muscle knot shortens the length of a muscle making it unable to contract and relax properly. The actual formation of the knot occurs when the cells of muscle fibres are deprived of oxygen and nutrients supplied by our blood. They are deprived due to the fact that the muscle fibres are so constricted in that particular section of muscle that the blood flow can’t effectively move through the fibres. The deprivation of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle fibres causes them to harden and form your ‘muscle knots’.

Q: How do you get that much pressure through your hands?

A: Physics ! It’s all about using your body weight effectively, from the angle to which you apply the pressure to the distance of the table to your own body, and the way you stand and distribute your weight on your feet. Not only this but maintaining physical strength, especially in your core, so a balance of regular cardio and weight training alongside a healthy wholesome diet means we can deliver our treatment techniques with optimal application.

Q: Is there anything I can do at home to help ?

A: Absolutely ! After your treatment you’ll be provided with some aftercare instructions such as stretches and or exercises. This aftercare will be tailored to assist in your recovery and elongate the benefits of your treatment. The treatment you receive aims to return normal function to dysfunctional muscle, and so through practicing your aftercare you can help to maintain this positive change made in your muscle fibres.

Q: How can I correct my posture ?

A: It takes time and effort to improve your posture, and massage with prescribed exercises and stretches can help you get there. Poor posture is often a result of muscle imbalances developed over time from poor biomechanics (every day movements and static postures) or as a result of injury. Through massage and commitment to prescribed aftercare the dysfunctional muscles which have shortened can be encouraged to lengthen and the dysfunctional over stretched lengthened muscles can be stimulated and encouraged to strengthen.

Hopefully these FAQ’s have been helpful and have given you a greater insight into what massage is all about. If you ever have any questions you need directly answered feel free to call us here at Health Place on 38522434, we’d be more than happy to assist!