You do care. But are you a Self-carer?

Gwenyth Paltrow might have you believing that a face mask is the catch-all of self care. But self care is not just about meditating and aromatherapy, acai bowls (but believe me if that could cure stress and help your immune system, I’d be on that train in a heart beat). Self care can be anything you do for yourself that affects your wellbeing. Going for a quick jog to clear your mind or using a massage gun on your sore muscles. Or even just consciously telling yourself its time to relax. 

The world self-care gets thrown around a lot, but what do we actually mean? Self-care helps you include the WHOLE biopsychosocial model in your health through daily life activities. The biopsychosocial model of health keeps you in balance not only physically but mentally and socially as well. All three aspects of your health work together as foundation blocks for your immune system helping us to achieve our perfect model of health. 

Self Care Ideas

  • Go for a walk to get some fresh air
  • Eat a healthy snack (not in front of the TV)
  • Set some time to do some stretches after a long day at the desk
  • Use self-massage tools such as trigger point ball, foam roller and/or massage guns
  • Challenge yourself in some stability exercises
  • Have that relaxing bath you keep putting off. 
  • Meet up with friends or family (virtually or otherwise)

Therapist Diana sits in a figure 7 stretch

Try a few different things, change up your routine. You might be surprised with how small changes in your routine can make a change. In our current climate we feel that taking time for our health isn’t necessary, but whatever you’re cutting down your self-care for, you could be doing better if you just take a moment for you. 

Our therapists at Health Place can be part of your self care routine. Not only will they help you in the treatment itself but they can guide you to what self-care techniques that could help your body out. And to help with your self-care we’re doing a special for those clients – call or DM us for 30% off both styles of massage guns using the word SELFCARE.