Reflecting On The Year

Looking back on 2020 at Health Place with Pedro

What a year 2020 has been. It all started so well with a overseas trip to relax after what we thought was a crazy 2019. Looking back now, 2019 was an easy one, a warm up for 2020.Covid 19 changed what it meant to be “normal” as it left no person all over the world unaffected from the beginning.

We are no different. In March, like the rest of Australia, we had one days notice to close down Health Place without knowing when we could be back again. That affected us in a very deep level. First, by leaving us and our employees with uncertain futures. There was no jobkeeper or jobseeker at that stage, so we didn’t know what to do in order to keep our business open and staff employed. Secondly, our clients who trust us to help them were left in pain and couldn’t receive the treatments they needed which we have not stopped providing since 2012.

For me, it was the uncertainty and the feeling where everything was out of my control which was the worst. After crying for 24 hours straight, we realised just how serious this issue was developing into and that Covid 19 would be around for a while. What could I do to survive? How can we learn to live with Covid?

Tessa and I needed to come up with some solutions straight away. We focused on developing some ideas to keep all our employees engaged, so we were all still motivated, learning and talking with each other. One of our biggest concern was their wellbeing and making sure that if our people were struggling with anxiety and/or depression because of this situation, that they had support.

The goal was to get everyone involved and invested in themselves. Just because we stopped trading, didn’t mean we couldn’t learn new techniques, new strategies, tricks to help our clients, and just some new routines. This helped us to to challenge our mindset of just waiting for someone to solve the problem and instead thinking “we can do this” and trying to focus on trying to get to the end of Covid in a better place than when we started.

We created a training program, where we zoom every few days with everyone, got some guest speakers involved, and for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic we started to feel more like a team again. We just focused on taking one day at the time, while looking into the future. How can we improve our services, our client experience, and the lifestyle of our employees?

I was invited to be a guest speaker in a podcast with a good friend and sports psychologist Rachel Jones. One of the key things I remember during that podcast, she mentioned I should try to practice being present, to try and stop fighting and resisting change and focus on acceptance.

Looking back now, it has been 9 months since we had to close down for 4 weeks and I am really happy we managed to find meaning during chaos. We never felt we were alone during Covid 19, we managed to keep everyone employed while also maintaining a safe clinic during a pandemic. Health Place is stronger than ever, and I can say honestly, we are all better people from it.

So if I can give you one piece of advice is, don’t give up. It may seem like the world is (literally) against you, but there is always a solution. Pay attention to what makes you happy and go chase that dream.

-Pedro, CEO

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