Getting Your Treatment Timing Right

Put your pain in the past and your treatment timetable in the present

So, how often do you actually need treatment? The answer is unique for everyone as it depends on your lifestyle, current condition and what your goals are. 

If you are doing some self-maintenance and just want a hand every now and then, the frequency of visits will be a lot less than someone who has an acute injury and needs rehabilitation. As a general rule of thumb, a maintenance session every 6 weeks is a good amount of time between sessions. This ensures you are not relying on your therapist to do what you could be doing with self-maintenance but is enough that it can help prevent future injuries from arising.  

Increase the time between appointments

There are many ways you can increase the time in between your maintenance massage sessions. You can do self-maintenance by stretching, foam rolling and maintaining your posture and muscle condition. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Changing up your daily habits can help the underlying causes of your pain or tightness. It can be as simple as standing up every hour if you are sitting at the computer all day. You may also try to improve your workstation or car ergonomics. 

A great way to lengthen the time in between massage sessions is to stretch. Most people who come in and say they stretch usually are stretching before their gym session. Don’t get me wrong, stretching is good. But doing an active stretch/warm-up session for your muscles focuses on getting blood circulation into the muscles and getting to the ranges required in your upcoming session so you don’t strain anything later. This is done with quick repetitive movements.

After your session is the prime time for those long static hold stretches. You do not need a super-strong stretch feeling to get the benefit. Put the stretch on until you can just feel it, once you can’t feel it anymore (usually approx. 10-30 seconds), take it off stretch and repeat another 2 times. You will find that you can go a little further each time.  This is a way of getting the muscle to relax which will decrease the chance of tightness and muscle soreness later.

You can also foam roll your muscles in between treatments, decreasing the frequency of visits. Using the foam roller as a rolling pin along the direction of the fibres, roll them from top to bottom. This forces the muscle to relax, decreasing tightness and increasing circulation. 

How can Health Place help you?

Your therapist will always base their recommendation for future sessions on your current condition, lifestyle and your goals. Not only do we treat injuries, but we also know how to prevent them. At Health Place our therapists will always assess your pain or injury first before treatment and give you a treatment plan and exercises for you to do at home tailored to your needs.

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Covid-19 Reminder

According to QLD Health and the WHO, if you are experiencing any of the following please stay home and seek professional medical advice:

  • Sore Throat
  • Cough
  • Runny Nose
  • Fever
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The Australian Government has set up a Coronavirus Hotline for those needing more information: 1800 020 080