2020: The Year Health & Fitness Went Digital

Working out how to keep fit now avoiding the gym is no longer a choice

Covid. The word we have come to dread. An unprecedented time in our modern world, full of the unknown and uncertainty. Yet amongst the thorns, we have seen flowers emerge where people, communities and businesses have banded together to create a new kind of normal with social distancing. 

The health and fitness industry is one that rose to the Covid-19 challenge. Whilst many businesses had to close their doors due to government restrictions, many rallied together, adapted quickly and created online physical and mental health resources and solutions. We’ve seen the like of telehealth consultations, free workout apps and subscriptions, online real-time gym sweat sessions and group Zoom/video call health consultations or workouts. Even staying in your pyjamas for these activities is a plausible reality. 

And, lets not forget that the loyalty and support that ensued from clients and customers of the health and fitness businesses, has 100% helped keep the positive energy alive. 

So where to from here?

Everyone can agree that wellness is definitely not a fad or a luxury. Whilst there have been some challenges during Covid, the health and fitness industry will bounce back but maybe with ongoing online solutions. It’s undeniable the value added in offering digital services. The ability to connect with the community digitally will certainly continue until restrictions completely lift and give people who have no other way of connecting to still connect post Covid. 

Online opportunities to stay active may forever change habits and behaviours going forwards in fitness. Telehealth consultations may forever change the face of health, granting access to immunocompromised or disabled individuals. Either way, there is definitely positive elements we can focus on and move forward with post-covid. 

Now is the best time to dust off those weights or resistance bands, set up your devices and try on something new in the digitally transformed future of health and fitness.

It is still important to keep Covid-19 on the mind

According to QLD Health and the WHO, if you are experiencing any of the following please stay home and seek professional medical advice:

  • Sore Throat
  • Cough
  • Runny Nose
  • Fever
  • Difficulty Breathing 

The Australian Government has set up a Coronavirus Hotline for those needing more information: 1800 020 080

We have missed you, but not for much longer because Health Place has re-opened!

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