Getting Back In The Groove

The holiday period is definitely a busy time of year for all, where some time off leaves us out of our normal routine and as such we can easily injure ourselves or develop new aches and pains. Now that it is the new year, you might have noticed some new pain, whether it is a sprained ankle from dancing in high heels all night, a shoulder injury from doing cart-wheels with the kids or a sore neck from laying on the couch watching Netflix. After spending a lot of time off, it can be difficult to find motivation to rehabilitate any injuries you might have but it  is important to make sure that coming out of the holiday period you are proactive to avoid these injuries getting worse. 

Here are a few tips to keep you injury free: 

Get active

After sitting around and eating lots of delicious food, it’s important that we keep active for our mental and physical health. This might mean mixing up your routine a bit – getting into a bike ride with the kids/grandkids or do a hike with friends or simply sticking to your normal routine. If you have an injury that prevents you from your normal routine, try swimming as it is more gentle on injuries while still able to give a full body workout to use your muscles. 

Avoid sitting for long periods

It’s important to remember that our bodies are not designed to sit all day! Now we all have sat around with our families and friends for the holidays but now we need to change things up. Getting up every 60 minutes to stretch is a good first step to preventing further injury. 

Pain is never a good sign – DON’T IGNORE IT

Whether you have injured yourself over the holiday season or you have been too busy to address the ache or pain that’s been building up through the year, now is the time to get your body in pain-free zone for another big year ahead.

Ease into a new exercise routine

Around the new year many of us get a boost to start a new exercise plan which is GREAT! However, going from little or no activity and then hitting the gym everyday can be a shock to our bodies and this can increase the risk of making an injury worse or developing a new injury. To avoid this, try building up to a new routine over a number of weeks to let your body adapt to the movement.

Go get yourself a treatment

During the festive season you would not be alone if you have a sore neck or back. Now that all the family events are over, it is time to look after yourself and get the ache or pain checked out or simply having an hour to yourself to destress. 

If you require treatment for any injuries, aches or pains then come in to see one of the amazing team at Health Place! For further questions or appointments feel free to call us  at (07) 3852 2434, email us at, or 

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