But, I Just Want A Massage!

Are you cheating yourself out of being pain free?

Jan has been struggling with a consistent pain that keeps her up at night. She has been to numerous appointments with some relief but the pain just keeps coming back.

THERAPIST: what to do, what to do?

Do you have pain? Do you have an issue with your tissues? Do you want to perform better? Comprehensive treatment is the way. Yes no one likes being given exercises as homework, however it will save you in the long run and get you back on your feet quicker.  

Therapist: “Jan, whats going on, why aren’t you improving” 

JAN: “Well, Im looking for a magical cure where I don’t have to participate in my health and wellbeing”. 

Boys and girls: do not be like Jan. 

Firstly you are only going to get rid of the pain if you know why you are in pain. If it is muscular by nature, there is still usually a reason. Muscles just dont contract (get tight) and stay contracted (tight) for no reason. Weakness is usually in the top list of why the muscle (s) are tight. So we will need to strengthen the muscles in order to counter the contraction. Balancing your massages with appropriate strengthening work will help you feel pain free quicker.  

Secondly we only have you for one hour for one day. Most of the work will be up to you. How you spend the other 167 hours of your week is important for treatment to work. Greater improvement in most soft tissue injuries is seen with exercise therapy included in treatment. A systematic review in 2017, for a broad range of exercises and conditions, saw improved pain, function, and quality of life in patients who had adhered to specific exercises for their conditions (Geneen et al., 2017).

Thirdly, massage is expensive and time consuming. Why waste it by not doing your exercises and therefore not getting the full benefit of the treatment? Not doing your exercises is like taking two steps forward and one step backwards. 

Jan searched high and low to seek her magical treatment. She found that she kept coming to the same conclusion from everyone. Eventually she was in so much pain, had lost so much time and money and having heard the same thing over and over; she knew what she had to do. 

JAN: Oh, so if I just do the 10mins of exercise per day, I won’t be wasting money on countless treatments and I will see a dramatic improvement?

THERAPIST: Yes, now we have it!

If you don’t use it you lose it. So, before you wonder why your not improving as fast as you should check back on the recommended rehab. When you consistently complete your rehabilitation exercises you will feel the improvement and your massage treatments will be greatly enhanced. 

Jan followed the direction by the therapist and in 6 short weeks she was living pain free, and come to think of it, we haven’t seen much of her since. The End.

Come in to see us at Health Place and we will be able to get you back to being pain free. For a treatment, come in to see one of our therapists so we can guide you towards your goal. For further questions or appointments feel free to call us  at (07) 3852 2434, email us at info@healthplace.com.au, or 

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