Indulging or simply resting, that is the question?

Today we appear to live in a go-go-go society, powering through to get the job done and forgoing adequate rest.

Rest is restorative and crucial for healing yet many either don’t make time for it, see it as indulgent or feel guilty for taking a moment to breathe.

Inadequate rest can contribute to delayed injury recovery, poor immune function, hormonal imbalance, impaired cognitive function and fatigue. Rest is not only for the physical body but also for the mind and as the two are intrinsically connected it’s important that both get a break.

So, don’t make excuses instead make some time for rest.

One of the best ways to get adequate rest is through sleep. During sleep the brain has time to process thoughts from the day and attend to the body without distraction. Hormones are released to encourage tissue growth and repair and more white blood cells can be created to fight infection. So if you have an injury or wound, rest is best.

Here are four ways you can make time for rest amongst the chaos of life;

  • Turn off the TV, switch off that iPad and get to bed earlier than usual. Better yet, set a sleep routine which includes time to wind down from the day before hitting the pillow.
  • Plan ahead and build rest into your schedule. Perhaps consider limiting the number of commitments you have for the next month or so while you heal from injury.
  • Periodise your training schedule to make sure you have rest days and allow those muscles to grow.
  • Each day make time for rest. Have a bath, do some meditation or when you grab a coffee, allow an extra 15mins to just sit and smell the roses.

So, take control of your rest situation, it’s actually really important. It’s not indulging, don’t feel guilty because it’s what your body needs to heal.

If you are struggling with being able to let yourself rest, feel free to book in with our amazing sports psychologist Rachel Jones, who specialises in helping people to improve mentally so that they can also improve physically.

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