Seeing a Myotherapist

Are you suffering from unusual and persistent pain or discomfort? And has no one given you the answers for why you are experiencing pain? It is likely you are searching for a practitioner to help. Search no more and consider a Myotherapist. 

Myotherapy is a manual therapy which involves the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of muscular, neural and joint systems. A myotherapist is trained to compile your health history, tests and pain symptoms to formulate a health plan for you. They have extensively studied the musculoskeletal system and how all parts of your body work or don’t work together. 

If you feel like you are out of options and you have tried different treatments but your movements still aren’t fluid and manageable then seeing a myotherapist for advice could be your answer. Myotherapists often see clients who have exhausted all other options and are looking for a thorough and honest opinion of an injury.  A myotherapist can test your movement patterns, nerves and joints to assess how they may be contributing to your injury or pain. A myotherapist can also advise you movements to help correct dysfunction, read your diagnostic imaging and drive you towards your goals. 

Myotherapy is different to your standard remedial massage. A myotherapist has gained further qualification and skills to better understand chronic and acute injuries. When it comes to chronic injury or acute pain, myotherapists have a few extra tools in their back pocket such as dry needling, joint and nerve mobilisation, cupping and soft tissue therapy.  When experiencing musculoskeletal pain, myotherapists will assess, treat and rehabilitate while also aiding in the prevention of further injury.

However, you don’t need to be in pain to visit a myotherapist! Even when symptoms have settled, treatment may focus on prevention and restoring optimal movement to keep you moving and performing at your best. 

Along with all the tools, myotherapists have extensive anatomic knowledge to assist you reach your highest wellness goals.Now that’s worth exploring and experiencing! 

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