The Benefits of Massage and Exercise

A wholesome diet and regular exercise truly are the pillars of good health, profiting both our physical and mental wellbeing. The one affliction to this is the soreness that sportspeople and fitness enthusiasts alike often experience after a productive workout. Although exercise is an important part of your total health equation, the piece that helps make up the holy health trinity is recovery.

Your body needs the time and support to recover appropriately, so that it can continue pushing at peak performance during your next workout or event.

Regular massages are directly linked to injury prevention. When you exercise frequently, your body goes through a process of muscular catabolism; in other words the creation of small micro-tears in the muscle that naturally occur from the exercise itself. This is then followed by a period of muscular anabolism, which rebuilds that same muscle tissues in order to strengthen it. This can eventually create a buildup of adhesions and scar tissue on the muscle, limiting the range at which it can stretch and eventually leading to a decrease in flexibility and total range of motion. Massages are a manual method of ‘breaking up’ these adhesions, helping you to retain both your muscle flexibility and joint mobility.

Other benefits that come alongside exercise and regular massage:

  • Improved exercise recovery: Massages have been found to reduce muscle swelling and soreness by up to 30%, making it an invaluable component to the ‘recovery’ part of your holy health trinity.
  • Improved training volume and capacity: as massage therapy helps decrease the pain and swelling of tight or overworked muscles, it can dramatically increase your ability to perform at full capacity during workouts or exercise. By significantly reducing your recovery time also, this allows you to train more frequently and push to further heights.
  • Injury prevention and rehab: regular massages are associated with injury prevention in injuries that are commonly related to frequent exercise.

By increasing the blood and oxygen supply to your muscles and joints, this improves the amount of muscular activation during exercise.

Brush aside any thoughts that recovery can only be done through self-management or a heat pack at home. Massage is a powerful tool that can allow you to take charge of your recovery, your performance and your fitness goals. But just like exercise, the benefits of massage are cumulative: the more often you receive it, the greater the benefit and the better you’ll feel!!

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