Morning Massage

Waking up feeling tired and stressed before the day has even begun?

Could morning massage be your answer to less stress and prolonged energy?

Starting your day with a massage could be a sure way to minimise feelings of tension and stress, while optimising your energy levels throughout the day. Morning massage could become as important as your morning yoga or wellness routine!

What evidence has found is that cortisol and stress hormones are reduced in the body after a massage. You know that blissed out feeling you get after a massage, or from doing a peaceful session of yoga or meditation? Think of how you would feel if you started your day that way, everyday; how things would flow; how good the day could go if you started it in a more peaceful frame of mind.

Morning massage can also help to increase your focus during the work day. It relaxes tense muscles, relieves the physical and disruptive symptoms of stress such as poor sleep, can improve mood by calming your mind and therefore allow you to focus on what’s in front of you. Your body is less responsive to fight or flight state, enabling you to have a more centred outlook when those stressors do arise during the day.

So how often would you have to get a morning massage to feel the full benefits? Here at Health Place we believe in tailor-made treatment plans based on your needs. We may recommend a massage once a week initially so that you start to feel the full benefits more immediately. But just like you would train at the gym to build muscle, your body needs to have a regular routine to start noticing results.

If you feel you could benefit from reduced stress, improved focus, better sleep and an heightened sense of wellbeing, morning massage may be for you! Why not give it a try?

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