The importance of regular massage: It’s not “just indulging”!

Most of us, during our life, have changed many of our behaviors because we have learned that making these changes will result in improving our general health and quality of life.

It might start as reducing coffee or alcohol, becoming more active or following a better diet. Changing our behaviors begins with education and as we learn more we find ourselves making better choices.

Today, we still see a lack of education regarding remedial massage therapy and its purpose. A majority of people tend to contact a professional massage therapist only when they are suffering from an issue or specific pain or they may associate it with ‘luxury’, ‘indulgence’ or ‘pampering’. It’s seen as a treat, or something people allow themselves just once every few months.

Too often when it comes to injuries and healthcare, the culture is to be reactive instead of proactive: waiting for something bad to happen before you start doing any work.

A much better approach would be staying healthy when you are already healthy. Stay pain free with regular treatments and a team of healthcare providers that help you to have your body functioning at its best.

Someone could object that massage therapy is expensive when actually a high quality remedial massage costs between $70 and $100. Wouldn’t you agree that the great benefits of feeling better and pain free is priceless?

Here are some reasons why it is so important to get regular massage therapy:

  • It helps the body to stay fit and mobile.
  • Assists the skin to eliminate toxins
  • More blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to our muscles releasing tension accumulated during the week
  • Consistent or regular massage ensures you are able to experience the full benefits of the treatment.
  • Our movements become more natural and smooth.
  • It helps the lymphatic system to purify our body from toxins increasing the quality of the life of the cells.
  • It helps you to get a better sleep

We have been educated to measure the quality of our life on success, performances and money. However, the real life quality is the maintenance, over time, of mental and physical health.

As you can see, massage can have a big impact on our health and wellbeing and there is much more to it than just being a “one-time fix” or a luxury. Massages are a necessity, not an indulgence to feel guilty about

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