Hungry at Work?

Work doesn’t have to be all canteen lunches.

Buying your lunch at work can often result in a less healthy, sub quality and expensive meal alternative.

So expensive in fact, the average worker spends roughly $4000 a year on work lunches. Wouldn’t you rather a holiday?

Below are three easy tips to give the bought lunch the flick.

1. Food Prep Sunday

Dedicate some time on Sunday afternoon to meal prep.

Not only does it make lunches SUPER easy during the week ( as you only have to grab and go), but you will be the envy of the office, bringing a tasty meal to work every day.

We get it, Sunday afternoons are meant for chilling out, so we also recommend our friends at Your Prep, so you can reclaim your Sundays if your time is limited. 


If you didn’t get around to food prep Sunday, a simple solution is to pack lunch the night before.

Leaving it to the next morning will often result in lunch being prepared with a few convenient unhealthy shortcuts or completely forgotten about, as you rush out the door to make the bus in time.

We know it sounds like a no-brainer, but many people overlook this super simple tip!

3. Snacks are A – OK.

Who said snacking is the devil?

It most certainly is not! A small bag of almonds, some hummus and carrots or even some frozen grapes make for a great desktop nibble.

If you would like to know more about how to apply this tips and others to improve your diet life, call us on (07) 3852 2434, email us on, or send us a private message