Are you Sitting Pretty?

Believe it or not, there is a science to sitting.

Not only does sitting “pretty” decrease physical and mental stress, but it also may increase productivity and the quality of your work.

Want to know how? Follow these three easy steps!

Use a headset!

By not using a headset, you could be risking a neck, shoulder or back injury.

One of the leading injuries caused by shoulder dialling is a musculoskeletal disorder.

Simply using a headset for your calls, can decrease the risk significantly.

Back it up!

As well as using a chair that is comfortable and provides proper lumbar support. How you sit in it is just as important.

Scoot all the way back to sit up straight and give your muscles a break!

The keyboard U!

Push the keyboard back to allow your arms to rest on the desk, giving your shoulder muscles a rest.

Aim for the U shape to achieve keyboard and mouse “Nirvana”!

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