Remedial VS Sports Massage

With Christmas and New Year’s done, a friend or a family member may have gifted you a massage voucher from a massage business. Perhaps you are a hard person to buy for or it was simply a perfect way to treat your injuries; either way, you’ve got the lucky ticket. The problem is, what to do now?

One of the questions people have all year around is “Which service/treatment is the right one for me?” While we customise all our treatments, there are many different types of massages and treatments to choose from.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Today we will talk about the difference between the most popular massages – Remedial and Sports.

Remedial Massage is our bread and butter. Our Health Place therapists are experts in delivering the best remedial treatment in Brisbane. Remedial massage is often confused with deep tissue massage, but in our opinion, both are very different.

For us at Health Place, remedial massage is for people with injuries or sore shoulders — areas that need to be worked. It is often used for chronic lower back pain, persistent headaches or even frozen shoulders and tennis elbow.

All of our Health Place therapists hold a diploma in remedial massage as a minimum qualification to be able to treat in our clinics. This means they are more qualified to help achieve your goals of being pain-free, rather than having a minimum qualification certificate to deliver a deep tissue or Swedish/spa massage.

Good for: Everyone, however office workers who suffer from sore shoulders or stiff necks, plus anyone with a muscle-related injury, can be helped through remedial.

Sports Massage can be very similar to remedial, but like the name indicates, it is more sports-focused and specific to the muscle groups you use in your gym sessions or sporting game. It is a very effective treatment for people with high stress jobs or that use the gym/sport to de-stress.

Sports massage is appropriated for ANYONE who is very active, even without having a specific issue or injury. If you’ve been following us for a while, you will notice we work with some of the best sporting teams and sporting events in the country.

Good for: Sports player or gym junkies.

To summarise, apart from the experience, remedial massage therapists have higher qualifications. While you go to a day spa to relax and de-stress, Health Place offers that same service plus our therapists focus on chronic pain and injuries so you can leave pain-free.

A day spa qualified massage therapist is an 18 week course, whereas a Health Place remedial therapist, is a minimum of one year full-time study. Consistency is another difference between a day spa therapist and a Health Place remedial massage therapist. It doesn’t matter who you see at Health Place, you’re going to get an amazingly thorough treatment. Every remedial therapist at Health Place can perform sports, but not every sports therapist can perform remedial massage.

If you are still struggling to figure out what treatment you need, call us on 3852 2434 or private message us to get your free 15 min assessment, where we can customise and create a plan for your needs and goals.