Back pain mistakes!

Five common mistakes we see with Acute Back Pain:

  1. Ignoring your pain for too long – passive approach to pain
  2. Relying on your GP for too long
  3. Choosing surgery too quickly
  4. Remaining inactive
  5. Only strengthening core with abdominal exercises

Having a passive approach to pain or ignoring pain too long

Lower back pain normally gets better within a few weeks, however in some cases, people make the mistake of ignoring it for far too long. With a proper assessment and treatment you can start your recovery journey which may include some exercise, stretching and Myotherapy treatment. Get a 15 min free assessment from us or go to your preferred therapist, so you can get a proper and thorough assessment and treatment

Relying on your GP for too long

Don’t get us wrong, we have amazing relationships with fantastic general practitioners (GP), but normally GP’s don’t have the in – depth training relating to skeletal and muscular issues. At Health Place we are lucky enough to have worked closely with the top Spine Specialist in the country for many years, which is why our advice is to get your GP to recommend you to an excellent spinal specialist, especially is your back pain is lasting more than a couple of weeks.

Choosing surgery too quickly

We recommended everyone trying nonsurgical treatment for at least 3 months before consulting your spinal surgeon (of course there are exceptions). Using spinal surgery as a fast or quick fix I a tempting but mistaken approach in our opinion. Conditions, such as disc disease, are undoubtedly better managed by our fantastic therapists, a long term plan and some specific exercises for your issue.

Remaining inactive

When acute lower back pain occurs, one of the biggest mistakes we see, is just laying down in bed and praying to get better. Trying to walk (as tolerated) and, doing some normal day to day chores, if they don’t cause pain, will be the key for feeling better.

If you are in acute pain, a few days rest is fine. However a lack of any activity can actually cause more pain over time. Back pain is different for everyone so be sure to get advice about your specific situation to give you the best chance of getting better quickly.

Strengthening core only with abdominal exercises

We believe that targeted exercise works better for back pain and no, you don’t need to go to the gym to smash your abs!

Most people think of strengthening their abs when it comes to lower back health, but neglect their spinal extensors. These muscles are located in the lower back and have many layers. Some of the muscles are large, torque producing muscles (i.e the erector spinae) and some are small and play more of a stabilizing role. The multifidous muscles thought to be one of the most important active stabilizers of the spine, especially in the neutral zone. Fortunately, there are several good exercises for training all of the spinal extensors, including multifidus, which can result in hypertrophy (increased muscle size), increased strength and potentially decreased lower back pain reoccurrence.


If you’ve had lower back pain before, what has helped the most?

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Please note: the information above is not medical advice.