Is your desk-job causing your pain?


After a massive week for both of our Health Place clinics, with the GC 2018, we want to reach out to those experiencing desk-related injuries or discomfort and offer you our best plan for managing your pain and get you on that much loved road to recovery.

1. Take small breaks during the day. As simple as it sounds, most people don’t take half as many breaks away from their desk as is recommended. Staying in the same position for more than an hour can cause muscle fatigue and as a result, pain will follow. So get up, go for a walk around the office, jog on the spot, stretch while you do some scanning, yoga on the desk – whatever works for you!

2. One third of your whole life is spent at work, make sure it’s in a comfortable chair! Ergonomics is incredible and hugely underrated when it comes to viable options in assisting and also avoiding most postural issues. Speak with your boss, be active in taking charge of how your body feels at work.

3. This is actually our favourite – take your meetings for a walk! We hate stationary meetings in isolated board rooms in uncomfortable chairs (see tip #2), so take your work outdoors! There are endless options to choose from when it comes to meeting places in Brisbane (our favourites are Cantinho in James Street and Black Star in West End) , so stretch your legs, grab some caffeine, breath in that fresh air and enjoy the vitamin D!

4. Get a massage! We are now launching mobile massage, so speak with your boss and get our amazing team in your office!


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