Are You A Moody Foodie?

Feeling stressed or moody? It may be time to pick on a culprit other than work, hormones, relationships, or a chaotic schedule!

We sat down with our resident Dietitian, Ali, from Apple to Zucchini to find out about the gut-brain axis.

The gut-brain axis explains the close connection between stressors such as high training load, over-caffeination, medications, or simply the food you’re feeding your gut flora. High refined sugar, saturated fat, as well as low fibre particularly from missing out on veggies is what feeds (or doesn’t feed) the good bacteria in our guts. These little guys relay messages to the brain and then from the brain all across the body – regulating inflammation, immune health, blood glucose responses, antioxidant pathways and many more.

Are you looking after the health of your gut? It could be affecting your mental health more than you realize!

So, what is Gut-Brain axis?

In a nutshell, it’s the way that your brain sends signals that respond to stresses, which then sends signals to your gut and can cause symptoms such as IBS.

Okay, so how closely linked is food to a healthy mindset?

I was talking about stresses before, which could be daily stresses, but it could also be stresses from certain foods. So high sugar, high saturated fat.

So, high saturated fat, low-fiber foods as well, so not getting enough fruit and veg. It also depends on what actual gut flora is in the gut and sending signals out.

Is there anything that we can take to promote gut flora?

Yeah. You can take probiotics in a range of different types that you can take, different strains of good bacteria. It depends though, on what your current diet is like.

There are certain ways that you can improve your diet first, without having to look at supplements like probiotics that have a direct correlation. There’s been a lot of evidence to show that it improves mental health.

So, there are definitely free, easy ways that you can start to manipulate that. Keep refined sugar low, keep saturated fat low, keep fiber up. So, get your five servings of veg or salad a day.

But, as I always say, individualized is best. So if you have particular questions, it’s always best to book in and see a sports dietitian.