New Year – New Goals

Some people might ask, “shouldn’t we have posted this sooner?”. You’re probably right, but as January comes to an end, some might be questioning their goal choice or capacity to carry it out. Let this serve as a timely reminder that your resolutions are attainable.

As we drew to the end of another year, we often reflect on what could, would or maybe should have been. Maybe 2017 was the best year of your life to date and you’re sad to see it go, but maybe 2017 proved to be tough because you wanted to achieve more.

We make resolutions for the new year because it’s a clean slate, a time for us to restart, redo and improve on the previous. But are we going about the right way to make our resolutions come to fruition? Health is something that people will always want to improve on, or at least maintain. But if we aim to improve health, the concept on its own is hard to achieve. How do you know how far you’ve come or where you want to get to?

Here are our suggestions to make sure your new years resolutions actually happen:

1. Have an overall goal – whether it is to lose weight or improve on your strength, your goal should be specific, significant and important to you. Maybe even have an event linked to your goal, for example; a full or half marathon if you want to get back into running again.

2. Break it down – having smaller milestones to work towards will make your overall goal more achievable, you wouldn’t run a marathon without first building your endurance to a respectable level. Start with some 5 or 10km fun runs.

3. Accountability – tell a close friend or relative about your goal. This gives you someone to hold you to your word and provide you with support when you need it. This may prove invaluable when you feel like what you’ve set out to do seems beyond your grasp.

4. Inspiration – you’re not alone in your quest, and there are plenty of people that have been through the same experiences as you. Use these people for inspiration and to stay motivated – social media and other online platforms can be a powerful tool for this.

5. Reassessment – circumstances change regularly and there is no reason why your goal can’t either. Injuries can impact your ability to reach the next level of your fitness goal and can have a negative impact on your mental health. Have it assessed, treated and with your health professional, revise your plan to keep yourself heading in the right direction.

6. Form good habits – this may be the most crucial point of all. It will take around two months for a good habit to form, after that, it will get easier and easier to keep hitting those milestones and eventually your overall goal.

While what we have said here is nothing revolutionary, it doesn’t make it any less true. These points have been tried and tested and shown to work, the hard part is putting everything into play. Our team at Health Place can help you set your health related goals and deal with any setbacks that you may face along the way.