There and Back Again – A Health Place Tale

As Health Place’s Founder, Pedro, I would like to introduce myself, as well as share my vision for the future of both our therapists and our clients.

A little about me… By day, I am a Massage Therapist at Health Place in both West End and James Street, as well as being Head Massage Therapist for Qantas Wallabies, Queensland Reds, Brisbane Bullets and Queensland Ballet. However, I am ultimately the sole Director for Health Place and together with my team we are trying to change the face of wellness in Australia.

In 2011, I decided to leave a great job inside one of the top sport clinics, in order to take the plunge and open my first “business”. I say “business” because it was just one room inside of a gym in Cleveland.

My 5 year plan for the business growth was simple:
• Open small Health Place clinics inside gyms with other therapists working within them.
• Use the free time available to train our people into being world class at everything they do.
• Increase the number of sporting teams we worked with.
• And finally, change the Natural Health Industry in Australia (something we still have on our website 6 years later)

Small clinics were not as effective as planned for a variety of reasons. However, we were very lucky to find some great therapists and welcome them to the Health Place team. So we decided to go “old school” and open a proper location and from there Health Place James St was born.

Our mission since the first day hasn’t changed. Change the natural health and wellness industry while creating a truly personal experience for each one of our clients. Six years later we continue to live by that vision and every single decision is considered with it in mind. Every client has the power of choice in their music preference, level of pressure and how much chat they would like to engage in with their therapist during treatment. We have free parking available and a 100% money back guarantee if expectations are not met.

I wanted to write this blog to explain how our actions fit into the larger picture. For instance, as a company we aim to give every individual who seeks our help a chance to be the best version of themselves; to be able to swim, walk or run and to enjoy all of the benefits of an active lifestyle or even just a life without pain.

Future Plans for Health Place:

• Mobile remedial massage
Time is absolutely precious these days. We would like to offer mobile remedial massage so that no matter what, our clients can access the services they need to feel better. Home or at work, we will bring everything that makes us special to you!

• Perfect therapist
Choosing a therapist can be tricky, we get it! That’s why we’ve taken the stress out of the situation with our online Perfect Therapist booking tool. Remedial massage is individual and you may not always know exactly what you need, which is why the Perfect Therapist tool may be useful.

• Kids mindfulness/stretching exercise club.
We would like to create awareness and motivation in the younger generations to care for their bodies. Through stretching, mindfulness and postural improvement, young people can benefit from improved sleep and improved concentration at school.

• Franchise
Franchising Health Place will allow us to branch out and grow, while giving the people we trust and appreciate within our Health Place family the opportunity to run their own business. This would be achieved with the help and support of the larger company that has a proven formula for success, whilst also helping us achieve our original mission:

‘Change the natural health and wellness industry while creating a truly personal experience for each one of our clients’.

– Pedro Alcobio