Health Place’s quick tips for Australia Day!

The idea of public holiday celebrations can be quite daunting when you’re trying to stay healthy.

Luckily, Health Place has teamed up with one of our resident dietitian superstars to provide you with some amazing tips.

Chuck it on the barbie!

Try seafood on the BBQ (grilled is best, while seafood gives you most bang for buck, e.g. prawns)

MYO dips

Aside from creating your own dips, try using low calorie crackers (water crackers, wafer thins etc.) Crackers such as Jatz are a huge trap, even the lower fat options can beckon you in, while in actual fact they’re full of butter!

Fruit fan!

Cut up a lot of fruit and veg to stay cool and hydrated

Pre fuel!

If you’re planning on drinking, be sure pre-hydrate to help reduce a hangover.

A suggestion is to use Powerade Zero and water to pre-hydrate, while having Hydralyte/Berocca by your bed to take before you sleep and again when you wake up.

Employ salad makers!

Assign people to bring heaps of salads! The more the better, and the less likely people are to bring unhealthy snacks.

Say cheese

Opt for hard cheeses. Not only do they contain less creamy calories, but they’re also less likely to melt when left on a plastic table in the sun while you partake in some backyard cricket.

Plan your eating times

Don’t make the day about eating – assign specific eating times. By not having food out on the table all day it’s much easier to avoid temptation.

Slurp it on up!

Try making healthier alcoholic slushies by adding some berries and fresh mint/basil (this will not only fill you up but hydrate you, while getting in some extra nutrients). A suggestion would be to make one based on vodka, frozen strawberries, basil, a SMALL splash of sugar syrup and soda water to top it off. Not lethal, but delicious, nutritious (minus the alcohol) and hydrating!