Self Trigger Point Therapy!

The inside of the body is enclosed with soft tissue called fascia.  Fascia covers internals such as organs, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. The fascia that covers your muscles in particular is called Myofascia.

When the Myofascia is stressed from repetitive use or trauma, it can tear and adhere together.

When we talk about trigger points, we refer to these adhesions and can prevent the muscles from functioning effectively. Stiffness, tenderness and decrease in range of motion can be a result of these trigger points. Through a combination of self trigger point therapy and professional treatment can help to rehabilitate and reduce these points.

A great way of administrating self therapy is through using a trigger point ball.

By applying gentle pressure with a trigger point ball, can isolate and release the knots that form in these trigger points. Gentle pressure creates a slight stretch in the muscle, disrupting the constant activation and allowing the muscle to return to its normal resting state.

When can I do it?

  1. Pre-activity – trigger point therapy can be done pre-activity to prepare your muscles for performance
  2. While you’re feeling discomfort – Often, muscle or joint pain can be due to trigger points in the area
  3. Post-activity – After the activity has taken place, trigger point therapy can be undertaken to help release tension in your muscles to begin the recovery process.

Next time you visit one of our therapists for a trigger point therapy, be sure to pick up a trigger point ball. Combining self maintenance with therapy can greatly benefit recovery!