3 Reasons Why New Year Diets Fail!

As it is well into January, we are sure plenty of people are getting stuck into their new year resolutions. A common resolution is improving your health and well being, one way or another. Andrew, one of our amazing dieticians, explains the top 3 reasons as to why these diets can be prone to failure!

 1 – People aim for an extreme or unsustainable approach to weight loss

Be realistic! Aim for a .5 – 1kg loss each week as a general guide – rarely does the situation arise where a specific food group needs to be eliminated. Consistency is they key!

 2 – Failure to monitor progress accurately and a lack of an accountability structure

Monitor your progress regularly (same time of day, same day each week) and record these numbers. Sign up with a friend who is equally committed or see Andrew to monitor boy composition more extensively

3 – Frustration due to focusing on misguided areas

Seek advice from an expert who will provide an individual game plan that yields the best results, in a realistic fashion!

These are only very basic tips to get you started. It is HIGHLY recommended that to accomplish the best results, a booking with Andrew is essential!

Andrew is currently opening up an extra day due to his popularity and success with clients, to ensure you secure a spot, give James Street a ring on 07 3852 2434!