Health Place’s New Years Tips!

New Years Eve is coming up so we’re here to provide some useful tips so you can enjoy it that little bit more!

Mixers are important!

Its highly recommended you mix your own drinks – that way you can monitor your alcohol intake and ease down to half or even quarter nips if you feel like slowing down. Another advantage of choosing your own mixers is the power of avoiding high sugar and unhealthy options.

A great suggestion would be to use mixers such as coconut water. Coconut is super refreshing and isn’t packed full of sugar! Coconut is great for hydration, which is super important when drinking alcohol, as alcohol is a diuretic and easily causes dehydration.

Even better, if you want to miss the alcohol all together – why not try some tasty mocktails such as The Sparkling Cran-Citrus

The next day

An extremely large proportion of people tend to drive the next day, thinking they have passed all the alcohol from their system, this may not be the case. The larger amount of alcohol you have consumed, the longer it takes. If you’re not sure the next day, don’t risk it! You may still be over the limit.


The more food you have eaten, the easier it is for your body to break down alcohol. In saying this, people fall into the trap of not eating at parties for a number of reasons. The first being that a lot of parties only supply finger food or snacks not a complete meal. Secondly, by the time you arrive at the party and start socialising, you might find that time slips away, after being caught up in conversation, causing you to miss out on a bite to eat.

Health Place’s top tip would be to prepare a solid, healthy meal prior to any festivities you may attend. This guarantees food in your stomach and the power to choose a healthy meal, rather than fill up on unhealthy snacks that might be on offer.