The Silly Season Doesn’t Have To Be So Silly

Once again, Health Place is to the rescue over the Holiday period with great tips! 

  1. Although you may be busy last-minute shopping, always remember not to drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Not only does this work against the normal functioning of our organs but opens way for binging on all the wrong foods.
  2. Attempt to stick to a drink per hour. This allows for the liver to process your alcohol effectively.
  3. Queensland Christmas’ are hot! Be sure to regularly interpose drinks with a glass of ice-cold water to prevent further dehydration. Add some fresh lemon for further detoxifying value!
  4. If you’re going to drink, do it the right way. Refrain from sugary, premixed drinks and look for a healthier and equally satisfying alternative. If you go spirits, try mixing it with sparkling water and freshly squeezed fruits – think citrus, pomegranate and passionfruit. For convenience sake, make a large batch of health mocktail mixture that the non-drinkers and kids can indulge in but can also be added to your spirits if necessary.
  5. The advantage of living in Australia over Christmas means we can refrain from the cosy eggnog and bourbon and opt for something zesty, fresh and tropical.

And last of all… Enjoy yourself!