Put on your running shoes!

Sick of your same old running tracks?

Set on finding something fresh? We’ve got you covered. Have a read below and find out 3 running tracks, we think, you’ll love!

Brisbane Botanical Gardens

Centrally located, Brisbane Botanical Gardens is a perfect run for all you city dwellers. With a few off shooting paths and even connecting to the larger path that follows the river, it could even be the perfect run starter.

However, if you want to make the trip into the city to incorporate The Botanic Run into your routine, it is recommended that you finish in the gardens as parking is quite sparse. A way to go about this would be to begin your run at Southbank, cross the Goodwill Bridge and loop through the gardens for the return journey.

Mt. Cootha

Okay, we get it. The thought of running up a mountain sounds SUPER intense but to our surprise, there was more than one track!

The tracks vary in difficulty, from the more laid back 1 km trail, with limited inclines to a more moderately  intensive 3km trail with a more varied level of elevation.

The great thing about Mt. Cootha, is that there is heaps of parking and not to mention the view! What could be more rewarding than a gorgeous view of Brisbane City after a run?

Not much we don’t think.

Kangaroo Point

Lastly, Kangaroo Point. A great location, with heaps of parking and trails for every type of pace. Ranging from a simple jog along the cliffs all the way through to intense stair runs up the 107 flights of stairs.

If stairs aren’t your thing but you still feel like a vigorous workout, the running track at Kangaroo Point links up with the track with the Goodwill Bridge and consequently, The Botanical Gardens. If you’re feeling a long run, you can kill off two birds with one stone and run two of our recommended tracks in one go!

While we have just recommended 3 locations, there are HEAPS of different ones around Brisbane. We would advise you download an app such as Map My Run which users post their favourite tracks with other users.

See you out there!