Pregnancy Massage

Making this special time as comfortable & stress-free for mums-to-be.

A great pregnancy massage can make all the difference to mum-to-be’s comfort, stress-levels and health during this special time. Book in today for safe, tummy-down treatment that will leave you feeling relaxed and incredible. (And you won’t believe how great it is to finally get to lie face-down safely and comfortably again!)

Taking care of your body during pregnancy is of paramount concern. Everyday our practitioners help women to naturally manage the emotional and physical stresses of pregnancy. Both pregnancy massage and pregnancy acupuncture can assist you in making the pregnancy journey it’s most comfortable and straight forward.

Your massage treatment will consist of soft, gentle muscle manipulations and stretches targeted at relaxation and trigger point therapy to alleviate any pain symptoms. The strength, style and purpose of the treatments are fully customised and catered to suit your pregnancy, preferences and any associated health conditions.

Pregnancy Massage:

Pregnancy massage is better with our Brisbane pregnancy massage specialists for these reasons:

  1. We use special pregnancy cushions that mean you can lie tummy-down in complete comfort and with complete safety. The cushions support your baby-bump, hips, pelvic region and chest, and are customisable to the stage of your pregnancy. They also allow our BRisbane pregnancy massage therapists to work their most effectively on the areas you will most likely need treated – neck, back, hips and legs.
  2. Our Brisbane pregnancy massage therapists have specialist qualifications. Pregnancy is not a time to be taking risks, this is why we only employ absolute specialists at pregnancy massage. Our Brisbane preganncy massage team get your feeling better as fast as possible and give you the peace of mind you need for complete relaxation.
  3. Customised music for ultimate relaxation. You choose what type of music, or even which artist to listen to during your pregnancy massage. We offer this as part of every treatment because we know it is important.
  4. Treatment rooms with walls (not curtains) for complete privacy. For true relaxation, you need to feel safe, comfortable and private. We don’t believe in curtains for walls!
  5. Central location, with parking, no stairs and great shops around. Visit our James Street clinic and be surrounded by shops you love (including Baby Bunting!), cafes to visit and an area of Brisbane you will love. Turn your pregnancy massage into a relaxation day on beautiful James Street.
Price List:
30 mins $70
45 mins $90
60 mins $100

Please note that all Health Place massage services qualify for Health Fund rebates and on the spot rebates are available through our Hicaps machine.

** While massage during pregnancy is completely safe, please note that we recommend speaking to your Doctor prior to commencing pregnancy treatments with us as some pregnancies and conditions are not fit for treatment.

Pregnancy Massage can help:

  • Reduce levels of stress, anxiety and depression symptoms by simultaneously decreasing cortisol levels and increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine;
  • Decrease incidents of prematurity and low birth weights due to reduced levels of stress, anxiety and depression symptoms as well as improving circulation and nourishment to your baby;
  • Increase flexibility to allow the carrying of extra weight with increased comfort;
  • Prevent and relieve spasms, cramps and nerve pain;
  • Alleviate stresses on weight bearing joints by strengthening surrounding muscles, resulting in decreased myofascial pain;
  • Improve lymphatic and blood circulation, reducing excess retention of fluid in the hands, legs and feet and facilitating improvements in the baby’s nourishment;
  • Relieve ttension, fatigue and headaches;
  • Help regulate hormones;
  • Decreases labour time, pain and need for medication.

There is also evidence that pregnancy massage can help with pregnancy induced insomnia, stretch marks and breastfeeding.

Customised treatment available

Here at Health Place, every massage is customised depending on your circumstances. Saying this though, some pregnancies may need a different approach depending on your circumstances and goals. We can combine acupuncture and massage treatments to assist you in achieving your goals. We encourage you to read about what acpuncture can help with during this special time. Combined, acupuncture and massage can have an incredible effect on stress levels, pregnancy management (acupuncture may be particularly effective for concerns you may have during the first trimester), and treatments can even be used as a natural alternative for inductions. If you have any particular concerns or objectives for your pregnancy treatments with Health Place, please let us know when booking so we can match you up with the right therapist for the job!