Dietitian Services

Specialising in sport and weight management. They will develop a plan that works for you!

Whether you are an athlete or not, optimal health depends on your putting the best fuel into your body. The Apple to Zucchini Sports Dietitians are highly qualified and highly experienced and will work with you to optimise your eating plan.

If you’re an athlete, this will mean better results from your training, if you’re not an athlete, it’ll mean taking proactive steps towards accomplishing your health, weight and fitness goals.


The Apple to Zucchini team are specialists in sports nutrition, weight management, disordered eating and vegetarian/vegan meal plans. They do one on one consultations as well as offer group nutrition services.

The Apple to Zucchini team will give you the best possible diet for your body and lifestyle.

And experienced…

The Apple to Zucchini  team bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to every consultation. Check out their bio’s or visit the Apple to Zucchini website for more information.

Individual nutrition consultations for:

  • Training/exercise eating plans, with the goal of:
    • Reducing body fat
    • Gaining muscle mass
    • Optimising energy levels
    • Optimising nutrient intake
  • Race-day nutrition plans & pre-competition eating
  • Advice relating to cramping/fluid/hydration concerns
  • Advice relating to gastro-intestinal concerns – both in & out of sport/training
  • Supplement use & advice
  • Weight management, disordered eating assistance
  • Body composition testing (skinfold measures, bio-electrical impedance analysis)
Price List:
Initial – 60 mins $197
Review – 30 mins $87

Other types of sessions are available. Call our Fortitude Valley practice on 07 3852 2434 for more information.

Apple to Zucchini dietitian services qualify for Health Fund rebates and on the spot rebates are available through our Hicaps machine.