If you’ve been to Health Place before, you know that our treatments are the best in Brisbane and that we do all that we can to ensure you get the results you want. Every treatment is inclusive of an aftercare program that is tailor-made to your needs and aimed at prolonging your results. This can sometimes involve the use of certain products, tools and devices that we sell in-store at both of our clinics.

Pocket Physios

Pocket Physios are a physiotherapist-developed tool for muscle tension release. They’re one of our personal favourite’s here at Health Place.

Use your Pocket Physio to target your trigger points (specific areas within muscles that cause increased muscle tightness and occasionally referred pain) for quick and effective release of tight muscles.

The most effective way to use your Pocket Physio is to place it against a wall or hard surface and lean your body weight onto it, finding your trigger points and letting the Pocket Physio work like a thumb to release them.

Athletes, manual labourers, office workers and anyone active will find the Pocket Physio incredibly useful.

It’s name describes it to a tee – owning one of these babies is like having a physio that sits in your pocket (or handbag) ready to go.

Short Foam Roller

Foam rolling helps release trigger points, increase blood flow to your muscles and creates better mobility, helping with recovery and improving performance. Also very well known for their use in stretching and popular among gym go-ers.

The most effective way to use a foam roller is to place it on the ground and physically roll your body against it, using your arms as leverage.

Perfect for anyone experiencing tightness through areas like their legs, especially gym go-ers, runners, people on their feet all day, sport players.

Just like the 90cm rollers, our 30cm AOK EVA foam rollers come in a variety of colours and carry an ensured consistent hardness (Shore 30 +/- -).  These smaller rollers care convenient in size and high in quality.

Spikey Ball

A strong and very effective massage tool you can use to release tight muscles and trigger points. Proper use will bring relief from pain caused by muscle tension and aid recovery from musculoskeletal injuries.

Spikey balls are also popular for the use of reflexology on both the hands and feet.

The most effective way to use a spikey ball is the exact same method as the Pocket Physio, only as it is a larger tool and does not have to be against a flat surface, you can use it against softer surfaces such as a bed while laying down.

Wheat Pack

Depending on your specific requirements, we often recommend that our clients apply either hot or cold packs to their treated areas post-massage. This is to help promote optimal recovery, calm the area and aid in the repair process.

Our Wheat Pack’s are of the highest quality, making them long-lasting and able to retain their heat for longer than most other heat packs. They can also be used for cold therapy by putting them in the freezer. The fabric used is both strong and durable, yet still soft for maximum comfort and designed to shape to your body. Our packs contain strictly only treated wheat with NO scented oils such as lavender which can be overwhelming and unpleasant. They are the no scent, no mess, no fuss go-to for both hot and cold therapy.

Simply keep your Wheat Pack in the freezer for cold therapy, or pop it in the microwave for 1-minute for heat therapy. Health Place TIP: put a cup of water in the microwave when heating your pack to keep the wheat fresh, avoid stiffening of the fabric, extend the life of your Wheat Pack and avoid that burnt-popcorn smell!